Chain AMS Turbine offer to appeal to Africa’s power investors and IPPs

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Starting to make inroads in Africa, Chain Asset Management Solutions (Chain AMS) looks set to become a key, reliable source of capital equipment for investors, corporations, and governments both north and south of the Sahara. The former GE unit sees plenty of potential for its services and expertise across several industry sectors on the continent, including the power sector, as demand for high-quality, reasonably priced equipment assets continues to climb.

One such asset which should appeal to Africa-focused power investors, DFIs, and IPPs is a seldom-used gas turbine that is currently in Rotterdam. Chain AMS is assisting a client dispose of the 10-year old 265MW Siemens SGT5-4000F Gas Turbine which is being sold with an accompanying air-cooled generator package. As with the other assets the company remarkets for its clients, the turbine package is listed on its marketplace,, Chain AMS’s global sales and marketing platform used by thousands of buyers worldwide.

Being a significant player in helping companies around the world manage their equipment through all stages of their lifecycles means Chain AMS’s remarketing service offers Africa’s investors and corporations access to an unrivaled range of assets. In a nutshell, Chain AMS’s relationships and network give equipment buyers on the continent the chance to invest in high quality, often lightly used, equipment, all aspects of which have been fully audited and documented. They have the chance to “save big” on the rates OEMs typically ask for the assets when new.

The Siemens turbine on offer is one such asset. Chain AMS often identifies top-of-the-line equipment assets manufactured by leading global companies that are under-used as part of the process of working with clients. Running through the stages of a 5-phase equipment lifecycle program, the company helps its industrial customers identify equipment assets that are either under-utilized or surplus to requirement. Once all the opportunities for redeploying the equipment to maximize capital efficiency have been examined and exhausted, the next stage is to sell the asset, tapping into Chain AMS’s extensive global network of financial and corporate buyers.

The volume of transactions executed by the company is impressive. Over the past 2 years, Chain AMS has helped its clients dispose of more than 75,000 surplus or inefficiently used assets worth in excess of $100 million. Buyers have been in 20-plus countries, a testament to the jurisdictional expertise of the Chain AMS teams coordinating and executing the sales. From finding and targeting the right group of buyers to coordinating an auction or a private treaty sale to navigating an importing country’s VAT and customs requirements, Chain AMS handles all or part of the equipment acquisition and transfer process.

As a source of high-quality, cost-effective industrial equipment assets, Chain AMS, its services, and platform promise much to investors, corporations, and governments in Africa. To help the continent on its growth trajectory, it’s well recognized that investment in infrastructure, industry, and the equipment needed to operate these assets is critical. Chain AMS and its offering look to be a key piece of that puzzle.

Kevin Callahan, Chain AMS’s Global Remarketing Leader can provide more information on opportunities. He can be reached via email at kevin.callahan[at] or by phone at +1-773-458-9853.

This article is sponsored by Chain Asset Management Solutions and does not necessarily reflect the views of Africa Capital Digest.

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