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Africa Capital Digest is a unique source of original and curated content on private capital investment in Africa.  We aim to be a leading source of industry news, comment and opinion for those global private capital investors and their advisors who are sourcing, evaluating and executing private equity, infrastructure and venture capital transactions in Africa.  Whether you are looking for ideas for new deals, people and companies for partners, expert market perspective from leading investors and market practitioners or just need to keep abreast of the most important private capital trends and developments on the continent, Africa Capital Digest provides you with the most focused, in-depth original and curated content to help you monitor and assess the private capital investment opportunities Africa offers.

Africa Capital Digest is a brand of Rowayton Press, LLC, a financial media company providing news, information and perspective for professionals focused on specialist, niche alternative investment markets across a variety of platforms, as well as content marketing and distribution services for leading firms looking to brand and promote their organization’s thought leadership position in the market and generate leads from a highly-engaged audience of users and subscribers.


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  1. This surely look like something that could provide good information to us in our area of sourcing for funds for some of our clients who are in need.

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